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Essay Fsot Personal Narrative Thoughts - 1547 Words

QUESTIONS: * 1) Substantive Knowledge: The Foreign Service seeks a diverse workforce with broad job skills and a depth of experience to represent the US overseas. Briefly describe why you chose the career track you selected. Well over a year ago, I considered working with my brother-in-law at Northwestern Mutual. I took the preliminary tests and did very well. Along with the other partners, I met with David Thompson, the Managing Director. Ultimately, I decided to pursue other options. However, the director and I, sharing what I hope is mutual respect, developed an uncommon bond. As we parted ways, he gave me a bit of counsel that has become something of a guiding light. The parameters surrounding his work are: â€Å"Do I love†¦show more content†¦It was my job to carefully and respectfully navigate the tedious terrain of the church’s policy on baptismal candidacy. I remember one interview in particular with a woman who had been molested as a child. While any outsider would clearly perceive this woman as free of any culpability, she felt that her mistreatment was not only somehow her fault, but that it disqualified her from enjoying the benefits and freedom that baptism would bring (according to the teachings she had recently received). It was my responsibility to help her reach a different understanding. With compassion and love, I discussed with her the circumstance of her history. We read religious text together. I was able to attend her baptismal service later that week. * 4) Communication Skills: Communication skills are critical to successful diplomacy. Describe a situation in which you used your communication skills (either in English or another language) to further an aim or achieve a goal. (What was the situation? What steps did you take to deal with the situation? What was the result?) As a high school student, I was selected to be part of a 15-member humanitarian aid trip to Haiti, sponsored by Rotary International and facilitated by the Peace Corps. Our purpose was to build latrines. As part of our preparation prior to departure, we were taught basic masonry. The challenge came, however, when our small all-American

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Strategic Management ABC Company

Question: Discuss about the the Health Care Industry of Singapore. Answer: Introduction The health care system is mainly under the control of the Singapore government. The ministry of health takes care of necessary elements to ensure a cost effective and highly effective treatment. As per the ranking published by the Bloomberg, Singapore healthcare system was ranked to be the best in the world. ABC Company is one of the renowned companies operating in the field of health care system in Singapore. The company is specialized in manufacturing and licensing the technologies used for the purpose of making medicines (Abdelhak, Grostick and Hanken 2014). The company is itself specialized in developing medical devices. The company was listed in the Singapore Exchange (SGX) in the year 2005. The DES technology is the core sector and specialization, which is helping the company in earning a big amount. Ever since its inception, the Company is continually engaged in making high revenues; however, it witnessed a significant drop in the revenues structure in the recent past. Accordi ng to the Mainboard reporting, the ABC Company reported to have a net loss of US$247 million in its participation in the fourth quarter of the year 2015. The company is continually having a huge loss from selling the medical devices, which has remained an integral asset for the Company for generating the revenues (Austin and Pinkleton 2015). In the coming years, the Company is expected to have stiff competition from the hiring prices of medicines and other competitors. The main purpose of the assignment is to provide a restructuring to the ABC Company for its distribution of medical devices. This is because of the fact that the Company is experiencing a huge loss for an incapable rotation of medical devices. The lack of innovation has had hampered their sales performance of the medical devices, despite of the fact that the development of medical devices is the area of expertise for the company (Borkowski 2015). Business case of restructuring After following some of the financial performances of the organizations, it is evident from the fact that the organization requires a serious redesigning, which could again improve the performance of the company. The current business structure of the Company is more of geographic structure, which has numerous of its subsidiaries in and around the world. The reporting is addressed to the different regional headquarters. However, all the vice presidents in the entire subsidiaries of the Company tend to repost to the CEO of the company in Singapore. The regional vice presidents are also responsible for the accounting of sales and reporting the stats to the parent company, which is in Singapore. Each of the subsidiaries has their own manufacturing plants, sales department, marketing team, human resource department and the logistic operation (Bourke 2013). The main objective behind the business performance of the Company is the enhancement of profit by expanding the business to most parts of the world. One of the main objectives of the ABC Company is to be cost effective manufacturer, which is also important for the incremental profit margin. It also lacks in innovative ideas. The main problem behind the rising issue and the lowering margin of profit is the existing structure of the Company, which has compelled the Company for following something that is less innovative (Buchbinder and Shanks 2016). The coordination between different of its subsidiaries is very poor. The regional offshore branches of the parent Company are not concerned about the overall companys profit. They are rather more careful about their own profit and reliability. This is affecting the performance of the ABC Company in big amount. The lack of coordination with the parent company is also making this challenging to collect and consolidate the data from every cent re. This is hampering the overall business of the parent company because it has become a challenge to sum up the entire revenues. The haphazard process of reporting and less capable coordination is resulting in poor analysis of the annual revenues (Burns 2012). Another main problem is the manufacturing sites in all the Asian subsidiaries, which is costing the efficiency of the parent Company. Numerous of orders are coming from the America and the European art; the reason is quite obvious also as the cost of manufacturing in the Asian countries are relatively cheaper. However, the subsidiaries centers of the company are not responding to the created urgency. The subsidiaries centers do only know about their style of business. They do not care about the urgency, which is important for being the competitive in the market. The lower capacity of responding to the manufacturing requirements has given place to the poor performance as because of this the Company is missing on big projects. This is because of such reason that the Company is not capable of turning the table into its favor in the recent past (Eden and Ackermann 2013). Cost effective production is a valuable asset, which narrows the competitiveness in the market. This is the one point, which is hampering the business of the ABC Company. Other competitors are capable enough of producing cost effective and innovative medical devices. However, the ABC Company is now no longer capable of producing the same effect as that of some gone years. Apart from the manufacturing problem, innovative ideas are another problem, which is hampering the business of the ABC Company. The subsidiaries of the company are not innovative enough. They just want to stick to the one solution. They are not flexible enough with the changing demand of the market. The lack of innovation in the regional centers has significantly contributed in the poor performance of the ABC Company (Grol et al. 2013). The restructuring proposal would be to change the geographical form of business to the product oriented. It means that the existing business system does facilitate the reporting of regional vice presidents to the CEO of the parent Company. This is because of such reasons that the ABC Company was not able to turn the table into its favor. The proposed structure would align separate vice presidents for the separate product line, which is perhaps the best possible structure to have a better control on the manufacturing. The ABC Company is specialized in making and developing innovative medical devices and medicines. The proposed business structure would then facilitate the reporting of product specific vice president to the CEO of the parent Company. This would provide a better control on the analysis of the business. This would also maximize the manufacturing efficiency because of the increased control on the manufacturing of particular product (Harrison and John 2013). With this new business structure, the coordination problem would be removed. Moreover, it would also enhance the innovativeness of the subsidiaries branches. The production would improve as the product specific vice president would have shared values and the directional move, which was not possible with the existing business structure as one vice president was responsible for the entire operation. Manufacturing problem would also be resolved as they would now have better access to the most innovative manufacturing structures (Hill, Jones and Schilling 2014). The regional and respective country vice president roles would be removed from the business structure. Managers would now directly report to the product specific vice president. This is one of flatter kinds of structure, which establishes fast connectivity to the higher body. Moreover, this is important for responding quickly to the rising challenges of incremented demand of manufacturing. This would also reduce the operational c osts for labor. The lower level structure of the business would remain the same because the operational change is targeted at the upper level of the management, which has highly contributed in the lowering business (Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson 2012). Literature review Divisional structure, which has been postulates as the new business structure for the ABC Company has several affecting factors for the enhancement of business benefits. It is also important to know the level of efficiency, which the structure can bring to the Company. Speed in making decisions are often believed as a key aspect to respond to the rising challenges. The new business structure has all the capabilities to respond to the rising urgency at the business places with the usage of making speed decision (Huber 2013). On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that all the businesses that have divisional designing guarantees the desired success. Numerous of researches on the restructuring of businesses do reveal that the designing works better for the enhancement of business. It also states that the creation of a new business structure after studying the entire strategic faults in the operation is a healthy sign for the Company. It further says that the designing of a new busine ss structure after carrying a deep research on the main problem is the best way to mitigate any risk after the implementation of the new business structure (Kapferer 2012). The quick responses to the urgency and the hiring demands are the best way to be competitive in the market. Flatter structure of the business are time saving, which is also cost effective as it reduces the unnecessary expenses on the labors. The flatter structure does reduce the time by reducing the approaching medium to the higher management. The existing business structure of the ABC Company was geographical in nature, which facilitates the participation of regional vice presidents only. However, it was a slow process that was in responsive to the created urgency. In addition to this, the flatter structure does provide a less control on the manufacturing department because of the roles and responsibilities that are assigned to the vice president. The vice president only approaches the regional vice presidents for having some information on the revenue generation (Kavaler and Alexander 2012). However, the proposed business structure provides a firm control on the manufacturing process. It also narrows down the coordination gap, which was hampering the analysis of annual revenues of the AB C Company. The flatter structure is more specific to the functional alignment, which binds a strong relationship of the product specific vice president with the regional or country based manufacturing sites. Flatter structure can well reduce the coordination gap and respond to the rising urgency of manufacturing medical devices in high numbers. Medical devices are of high demands in the market and the requirement is crossing the all time high figure. This is because of such reasons it is more advisable for the company to have such a business structure that forms a quick and responsive relation to the entire operational sites. Moreover, flatter structure holds good in such regards and provides a quick solution to the instant problem (Kongstvedt 2012). Flatter structure is also good in establishing a good flow of communication in between the employees and the managers and the higher management level that comprises of vice president and CEO in particular. However, to the ABC Company, the communication was missing in between the CEO and the different country based subsidiaries vice presidents. The flatter structure is more responsive and communication friendlier, which makes this possible to facilitate the desire of work in the different subsidiaries in different countries (Langabeer II and Helton 2015). The improved communication is thus helps facilitates and encourages the innovative ideas in the different managers at the different manufacturing sites of the subsidiaries. The lack of innovative ideas and a no to the aspiration of the same was one of the biggest problems of the ABC Company, which was holding their further growth. Being a developing company of medical devices, it is imperative to have sheer desire for the innovation as this helps in inventing many new technologies. Moreover, the invention of new technologies would further enhance the business expertise of the Company (LaTour, Eichenwald and Oachs 2013). Decision making is another core characteristic of a flatter business structure that helps in making quick and responsive decisions. The flatter structure is more flexible than the lengthier business structure. This is because of the fact that this kind of business structure does facilitate a quick responsive nature in the managers and the higher management. This was one of the problems, which was making all sort of worries for the ABC Company. The lack of innovation and the adherence to the same business line was some of the problems that prevented the Company from making quick decisions. The regional vice presidents were not capable enough to look into the real problem of the subsidiaries manufacturing sites. The subsidiaries manufacturing sites were doing the business for their needs and desire only. They had no concerns for the parent Company and this is because of the fact that the ABC Company did suffer a huge loss in recent times (Lee 2014). Performance oriented is the other core features of the flatter structure, which revolves around the performance. The initial business structure of the ABC Company was more of uncompetitive style. They had the tendency to remain in the state of inertia. The lack of desire for works and the less capable innovation have al resulted in incapable performance of the Company. However, the flatter structure is best for such kind of problems. This is because of the fact that the flatter structure offers competitive oriented atmosphere, which is very essential from the perspectives of business environment. The kind of structure tries to find competitive and qualified higher level management, which is important for redefining the definition of competition to the ABC Company. Moreover, the Company had already suffered a big loss in recent past. The search to find qualified and competent higher management is a good move for a Company, which has such a good product line. Moreover, the ABC Company would be highly benefitted from the flatter structure because of several reasons, which have already been mentioned in the above section (McGinnis et al. 2013). Analysis and discussion Porters five forces would be very effective in measuring the external environment for the ABC Company is Singapore. The power of supplier in Singapore is perhaps low. This is because of the fact that in medical treatments, patients prefer buying to those medical devices and the medicines, which are highly effective. Therefore, it reduces the barging power of supplier as the buyer is supposed to pay a high amount of sum to purchase medicines of high quality, which could satisfy the needs and demands of patients and could raise the medical standards. Moreover, the Singapore government is very keen on incepting modern and innovative technologies to maintain their status as the best medical infrastructure in the world. These are some of the factors, which clearly illustrate the fact that the bargaining power of supplier in Singapore is low in the health care industry (Morden 2016). The bargaining power of buyers is high because of the fact that patients want innovative and safest medicines, which could improve the medical facilities and take this to the new level. In Singapore, patients are more concerned about the quality of medicines than its pricing and this is because of such reasons, the bargaining power of buyers is high. Moreover, the buyers can go to any extent for purchasing the required materials as the demand is for the highly effective medicines (Oleske 2014). Competitive rivalry is high in Singapore as the government rules are more in favor to the medical enhancement. This is because of the steps of the government, which has so far contributed hugely in the development of the medical facilities in the country. The cost effective medicines is the one initiative, which has positions the local government of Singapore to another level. The highly favoring nature to the medical enhancement and the inception of innovative ideas has broadened the internal competition in the country in between the different companies in the health care industry. The highly competitive nature of the medical industry in Singapore is a threat for such Company, which is less in innovation and the medical advancement (Osborne and Brown 2013). Threat of entrants is higher in Singapore. The local government is more the favor of several new companies, which could prove their innovation in the field of healthcare industry. This is one of such problems, which is a threat to the health care companies. This is because of the fact that the entrance of more and more new companies would facilitate the enhancement of competition in between the different companies. The enhancement of competition in between different companies would certainly make way to the failure. The high range of competition in between different companies thus gives very minimal chances of recovery from any failure. The high range of competition and the increasing number of healthcare companies are not giving any significant space to the performance related failure (Rothaermel 2015). Threat of substitutes is also high in Singapore in the health care industry. This is because of the fact that the health care industry in Singapore is continually engaged in inventing something new to address to more critical medical condition. This is because of such reasons that the threat of substitutes is high in Singapore. Some of the diseases have still no answers from the medical technologies. Those diseases are such as cancer and aids. To fight with such an epidemic ailment, it has become a challenge to the entire health care industry of the world. This is because of the fact that several research companies are always engaged in doing research works on some alternative ways to fight with the mentioned epidemic. The several research works are thus initiating the never dying competition for producing some sound alternatives to the existing medical facilities. Due to all such reasons, it is very challenging for the existing companies to maintain a healthy progress of their busin ess. To be competitive in such scenarios, it is imperative to be highly innovative and responding to the created urgency. This is helpful in establishing and maintaining a reputation of the company. It is also helpful kin maintaining a good growth of business (Slack 2015). Task environment factors are another very important process of measuring the challengers in the external environment for the ABC Company. The task environment sectors do include ten factors such as industry sector, raw material sector, human resource sector, market sector, financial resource sector, technology sector, economic conditions sector, government sector, socio-cultural sectors and international sector (Stead and Stead 2013). The industry sector is about the manufacturing trends in the costumers. In Singapore, the customers are highly inclined towards such medicines, which are effective. The initiative of the local government is to provide cost effective medicines and that of high quality. This is because of the fact that the industrial sector of the health care system in Singapore demands the cost effective production of medicines. The ABC Company would certainly meet up to the expectations. This is because of the fact that the ABC Company can now show multidimensional move towards the manufacturing of medicine and medical devices. They can now concentrate on the Asian countries for the manufacturing of their products. This is because of the fact that the manufacturing cost in America and Europe is comparatively higher than the Asian countries. This would help the ABC Company for producing the cost effective medicines and other medical products. The restructuring business would help in being flexible to the requirement (Swayne, Duncan and Ginter 2012). Human resource sector is another very important part of the task environment factors. This plays a vital role in establishing a competitive environment of working inside the organization. The Singapore HRM is suffering of aging workforces, which is a strain on their shoulder to find the replacement as soon as possible. However, the restructuring of ABC Company would help them fight with this situation. This is because of the fact that the flatter structure requires more streamlined business, which requires the participation of competent employees and the higher management. Moreover, it would open up doors to the competent participants in the Company as the flatter structure requires only competent members. This would reduce the burden from the HR of the Company as they would not have any strain of recruiting bulk employees. They would rather focus on few but competent members (Tengblad 2012). Raw material sectors are another important part to look out for the analysis of the ABC Company after restructuring the business. The bargaining power of supplier is low in the health care system in Singapore. This is because of the fact that the restructured business of the ABC Company would facilitate it for purchasing their required raw material from some other parts of world. Moreover, the ABC Company can focus on the Asian countries as the cost of manufacturing is coomapratively lower than the other parts of world (Valentijn et al. 2013). The financial resource sector is very healthy in Singapore. This is because of the fact that the economy of the country is highly incrementing to a new height. The economy is one of the strongest in the world. Moreover, the government is very supportive to the health care system. This is because of the fact that the chances to capitalize on the provided area are higher to the restructured ABC Company. The restructured ABC Company is m ore flexible than ever before and this is one of such reasons, which is supporting the fact that the Company would have a healthy business (West et al. 2014). The market sector is driven by many public and private companies, which are engaged in manufacturing medicines and medical devices. Public and private companies are very competitive in nature. However, the flatter structure of the ABC Company would provide a solid competitive advantage in the market. This is because of the fact that the Company now entertain more to them who are competent in nature. Moreover, this was never before the same scenario (Yoder-Wise Technology sector is highly progressive in Singapore but the incapable business structure of the ABC Company had prevented it to be advanced in terms of manufacturing. This was one of such reasons also, which has hampered the advancement of technology in the manufacturing in the different regional subsidiaries. However, the restructured business of the ABC Company would certainly open up doors to the innovation, which is a healthy sign for a progressive business (Swayne, Duncan and Ginter 2012). Government sector is very cooperative to the health care industry. The restructured business of the ABC Company would allow it to leverage on the maximum provided chances. The socio-cultural sector is another very vital factor for the prosperity of a health care business. The people of Singapore need effective medicines. They are ready to buy the medicines at any cost. This is because of the fact that the ABC Company has broader chance to purchase the raw materials from the Asian countries and produce a cost effective product. Moreover, the sale prices would provide a higher margin of profit, which is very useful and effective to lift the economy of the Company. The international trading would be extremely beneficial for the ABC Company. This is because of the fact that the Asian countries are comparatively cheaper in manufacturing costs, which makes this highly profitable for the restructured ABC Company. Moreover, the profit margin would be high because the manufacturing cost would be comparatively low and the selling price would be higher (Swayne, Duncan and Ginter 2012). Conclusion The ABC Company did suffer in business terms because of less capable business structure. The geographical business structure is less competitive because of loose control on communication, ineffective decision making and the low number of competent participants. However, the flatter structure would certainly enhance the competitiveness of the ABC Company, which was never the case in the recent past. The restructured business would show high penetration to the innovation, which is highly recommended for being competitive in the highly volatile market of health care sector. The flatter structure would also enhance the communication power in between the higher management, which is helpful for taking quick decisions. 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The Importance of a Christian Education Essay Example For Students

The Importance of a Christian Education Essay You can not put a value on a Christian education because it creates a setting of respect for God, His Word and His authority. It gives students a foundation of discipline, morality and a proper work ethic that can also be applied in other areas of life. Christians were actually the first to advocate universal education. The term university confirms this as it breaks down to â€Å"uni veritas† which literally means â€Å"one truth†. It was Christians in Europe who launched the first universities in France and the United Kingdom. It is ironic that so many scholars today are so hostile towards Christianity. Perhaps they do not know about the Christian roots of universal education for all classes and both genders or about the contribution of Christianity toward worldwide literacy, and higher education. The theory of evolution is often taught in the public school textbooks. It is widely felt that evolution is an attempt to completely remove God from all aspects of creation. Evolution destroys all meaning, purpose, direction, justice and hope in life. â€Å"You came from nothing, you are going nowhere, life is meaningless!† The Bible says in Psalm 14:1: â€Å"The fool has said in his heart, there is no God. We will write a custom essay on The Importance of a Christian Education specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that does good.† Secular schools attempts to erase God from the classroom and from the minds of the next generation by eliminating the Bible as the basis for all knowledge. They pontificate to students and do not allow them the freedom to use their faith-based foundations to express their understanding without being stifled for not being politically correct. One of the pros of going to a Christian college is that it is equipped to provide positive relationships for its st. .he valuable lessons we will have had when we graduate and go out and teach God’s truths, people need to see the same priorities and principles at work in our lives as well. A Christian education is truly priceless because through God’ authority it gives students a moral foundation exceeding any cons that any author could raise. Works CitedBaehr, Theodore and Boone, Pat. The Culture-Wise Family: Upholding Christian Values in a Mass-Media World. Ventura: Regal Books, 2007. Hammond, Peter. â€Å"The Christian Roots of Education. † Frontline Fellowship. (2011) . The American King James Version. NC: Inspired Idea, 2009. University of Michigan. â€Å"Religion in Schools: A look at how religious practices influence education.† edu/356.weitz/disadvantages_of_religion_in_education>.

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Free Essays on Paul Revere

REVERE, PAUL 1735-1818, silversmith, industrialist, and American Revolution figure. Although most familiar as the hard-riding hero of Longfellow's poem, Paul Revere's claims to historical significance rest even more on his talent as a craftsman and on his industrial perspicacity. The son of a Huguenot silversmith, Apollos Rivoire, and Deborah Hitchbourn, Revere received a rudimentary "writing-school" education before turning to his father's trade. Upon the latter's death, Paul at nineteen assumed artistic responsibility for the family's shop. Over the next twenty years, he became one of the preeminent American goldsmiths - a term that encompassed every phase of the eighteenth-century precious-metals craftsman's art. Besides silver bowls, utensils, pots, and flatware (many of which are museum pieces today), Revere and his apprentices and journeymen turned out a variety of engravings: pictures, cartoons, calling cards, bookplates, tradesmen's bills, and even music. As a sideline, he practiced what passed for dentistry in his day, developing as well a rudimentary form of orthodontia. From the beginning, Revere participated in public affairs. During the French and Indian War, Richard Gridley (who had commanded the artillery at the siege of Louisburg and was later to direct the American digging-in at Bunker Hill) organized an artillery regiment. Commissioned a second lieutenant, Revere participated during 1756 in the failed expedition against Crown Point. Revere became a Freemason in 1760, and soon joined two more overtly political groups - the Sons of Liberty and the North End Caucus. Through them, he participated in Samuel Adams's gradually accelerating movement toward independence, serving primarily as a courier and an engraver of propaganda pictures, the two best-known examples of which are a "view" of British ships landing troops in 1768 and a wildly inaccurate cartoon depicting the Boston Massacre of 1770. The highlight of hi... Free Essays on Paul Revere Free Essays on Paul Revere REVERE, PAUL 1735-1818, silversmith, industrialist, and American Revolution figure. Although most familiar as the hard-riding hero of Longfellow's poem, Paul Revere's claims to historical significance rest even more on his talent as a craftsman and on his industrial perspicacity. The son of a Huguenot silversmith, Apollos Rivoire, and Deborah Hitchbourn, Revere received a rudimentary "writing-school" education before turning to his father's trade. Upon the latter's death, Paul at nineteen assumed artistic responsibility for the family's shop. Over the next twenty years, he became one of the preeminent American goldsmiths - a term that encompassed every phase of the eighteenth-century precious-metals craftsman's art. Besides silver bowls, utensils, pots, and flatware (many of which are museum pieces today), Revere and his apprentices and journeymen turned out a variety of engravings: pictures, cartoons, calling cards, bookplates, tradesmen's bills, and even music. As a sideline, he practiced what passed for dentistry in his day, developing as well a rudimentary form of orthodontia. From the beginning, Revere participated in public affairs. During the French and Indian War, Richard Gridley (who had commanded the artillery at the siege of Louisburg and was later to direct the American digging-in at Bunker Hill) organized an artillery regiment. Commissioned a second lieutenant, Revere participated during 1756 in the failed expedition against Crown Point. Revere became a Freemason in 1760, and soon joined two more overtly political groups - the Sons of Liberty and the North End Caucus. Through them, he participated in Samuel Adams's gradually accelerating movement toward independence, serving primarily as a courier and an engraver of propaganda pictures, the two best-known examples of which are a "view" of British ships landing troops in 1768 and a wildly inaccurate cartoon depicting the Boston Massacre of 1770. The highlight of hi... Free Essays on Paul Revere â€Å"Listen my children and you shall see hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere, On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five; Hardly a man is now alive Who remembers that famous day and year.† (Longfellow) Thus begins the famous poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. This is the poem about Paul Revere and his legendary midnight ride. Paul Revere, one of the greatest heroes of the Revolutionary War, and possibly one of the greatest heroes of our country. Paul Revere was born in Boston, Massachusetts in late December 1734 and was the second of twelve children born to Apollos Rivoire and Deborah Hitchborn. Apollos was a French Huguenot immigrant who came to Massachusetts in 1715 and became the apprentice of a Boston goldsmith. Deborah Hitchborn was a natural born native of Boston. (Lee, 13-16) At the age of twelve, Paul was apprenticed to his father as a silversmith, and he earned extra money as a bell ringer at the Old North Church in Boston. At age nineteen, as the oldest son of the family he became the supporter of the family after his father died in 1753. In 1757 Revere started a family of his own when he married Sarah Orne. At this time he changed his name from Rivoire to Revere. His wife then had a son named Paul Revere Jr., and soon after that seven daughters followed. In May of 1773 Sarah died and five months later Revere married Rachel Walker. With Walker he had eight more children. (Lee, 23-26) Revere owned a silvershop and this was the cornerstone of his professional life for more than 40 years. As the master of his silversmith shop, Revere was responsible for both the workmanship and the quality of the metal alloy used. He employed many apprentices and journeymen to produce pieces ranging from simple spoons to magnificent full tea sets. His work, which was praised during his lifetime, is now regarded as one of the outstanding achievements in American decorative arts. ( Revere...

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Siddhartha Gautama

Siddhartha Gautama Siddhartha GautamaI come to you in these words to help you find the way to enlightenment. It is a hard road to find the way. What do you think it will take to find enlightenment? To first find this answer you need to look around you and see our people. What are their struggles and what are the reasons? You have to find this to understand what is needed to find the way.From my time observing our people I have found a problem of suffering is not something that will go away or that we can cure. We must understand that suffering is a mere part of our lives. We must take the time to understand suffering so to find the way. So what types of suffering are we talking about? We are speaking of pain, misery, sorrow, disappointment, frustration, discontent, disaffection, pessimism, and the sense of unfulfillment (2005).The Suffering (Doctor Who audio)

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OSHA Legal Aspects of Safety and Health Research Paper - 1

OSHA Legal Aspects of Safety and Health - Research Paper Example Employers at this point if all the standards had been followed would stand to be offered citations unfairly. The other is impossibility of compliance defense whereby at that time of the hazard it was not functionally possible for the business to comply with OSHA standards or alternatives were unavailable. Greater hazard in compliance defense is the other whereby compliance will result in greater hazard than non-compliance. Lack of employer knowledge defense offers an avenue for employers in case they prove to have no prior knowledge of conditions that caused violation (Bitter, 1992). Equipment not in use defense acts to enable a vacation of a citation where the cited equipment was not being used. Marshall v. Barlow’s case went that OSHA searched Barlow’s business without a warrant with a claim that they had the power to do that. OSHA’s claim and conduct was ruled out by the Supreme Court but under that particular circumstance (OSHA, 2010). Atlas Roofing Co. v. OSHRC is the other case where OSHRC was given a green light by the Supreme Court to decide the instances of violations (OSHA,

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Evaluating the Impacts of Californias Criminal Justice Realignment Thesis

Evaluating the Impacts of Californias Criminal Justice Realignment - Thesis Example The results indicate that realignment has led to the reduction of felonies in prisons by 17%. Crime rate has also increased in the state; while there is lack of sufficient resources. Numerous problems such as overcrowding in jails have resulted from the relocation of criminals to jails. The lack of a solution to this problem may render realignment to be an ineffective solution to overcrowding in California. The state of California developed the criminal justice realignment legislation in May 2011. The state developed the realignment program following an order to reduce the number of inmates in prisons from the United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court required the state to reduce the number of inmates from 180% to 137.5% of the capacity of the prisons by May 2013 (Green, 2014). This meant that California had to reduce the number of inmates in state prisons by 25,000. In response to the Supreme Court’s order, the state developed the prison realignment reform under Bill 109 and Penal Code 1170h in 2011. Bill 109 transfers the responsibility of imprisoning non-violent offenders from state prisons to county jails (Green, 2014). According to this bill, non-violent offers are those who commit crimes that are ‘non-serious,’ and ‘non-sex related (Hunter, 2013).’ This means that the prisoners who commit serious, violent, and sex-related crimes will be incarcerated in state prisons instead of county jails. The penal code 1170h, on the other hand, states that individuals who are realigned in county jails must undergo compulsory supervision; while out of custody. County probation officers conduct the Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS) (Caffiero, 2013).The code also requires those who disobey the mandatory supervision to be imprisoned in county jails instead of prisons. This is different from probation, which requires prisoners who are released from state

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Preparation and analysis of inorganic and organic compounds Essay Example for Free

Preparation and analysis of inorganic and organic compounds Essay Task 1 titration of sodium hydroxide with hydrochloric acid In this experiment the sodium hydroxide is neutralized with Hydrochloric acid to produce sodium chloride (the soluble salt) it is then crystallized in a dish. The equation for the above reaction is →NaOH(aq) + HCl(aq) → NaCl(aq) + H20(l) Method Add 25cm3 of sodium hydroxide into a conical flask then add couple of drops of methyl orange indicator Next fill the burette with HCL using a funnel to the 0 mark Add HCL to sodium hydroxide in small amounts swirling constantly keep adding until the solution changes to a red colour record your result Using the same volume of HCL now add it to another 25 cm3 of sodium hydroxide to produce a neutral solution Use a Bunsen burner and an evaporating dish to reduce the volume to half Finally leave to evaporate in a crystallizing dish to produce a white crystalline solid Average Volume = 26. 35 Mass of Evaporating dish = 53.86 (Mass = 55.04 – 53.86 = 1.18g) Mass = n x Mr = 0.025 x 58.5 = 1.4625 Calculating Percentage Yield 1.18 x 100 = 80.7 % 1.4625 Test for ions present Sodium Na+ test carried out = flame test – result golden yellow This happens as the electrons move to higher energy level and then fall back down when heated which gives out yellow light. Chloride test → test carried out = add silver nitrate – result white precipitate of silver chloride was formed Task (e) Purity analysis of NaCl In this task I will be showing the purity analysis of NaCl the same procedure will be carried out as before but this time 0.1 moldm-3 of sodium chloride is titrated with 0.05 moldm-3 silver nitrate the indicator will be the chromate indicator The chemical formula for the following reaction is:NaCl(aq) + AgNO3(aq) → AgCl(s) + NaNo3(aq) RESULTS These are the results obtained for the following experiment: Rough 1 2 Final burette reading 19.9 20.5 20.6 Initial Burette Reading 0.00 0.00 0.00 Titre 19.9 20.5 20.6 Average Volume = 20.55 Converted to dm3 /1000 1)calculate no of moles of silver nitrate N= C x V =0.05 x 0.02055 = 0.010275 moles 2)answer = no of mole of NaCl (1 : 1 ratio) 3) Calculate the actual concentration of NaCl C= n/V = 0.010275 = 0.10275moldm-3 0.01 4)percentage purity ppurity = 0.1 x 100 = 97.3%) 0.010275 Task 2 Method: 1)shake 2g of 2- hydroxybenzoic acid with 4 cm3 of ethanoic anhydride in a 100cm3 conical flask 2) add five drops of concentrated sulphuric acid agitating the flask for about 10 mins the whole wil form a crystalline mush 3) Dilute by stirring it in 4cm3 of cold glacial ethanoic acid and cool by placing in a water bath containing crushed ice 4) filter off the crystals using a Hirsch funnel and wash once with ice cold water 5) place the crude aspirin in a 100cm3 beaker add hot water not boiling water till it dissolves 6)cool and filter of crystals this process is known as recrystallisation 7) Take 4 test tubes add 2cm3 of distilled water in each and in 1 tube add one crystal of the product before recrystallisation and shake 8) Second tube add one crystal of the recrystallised product and shake 9) Third tube add one crystal of 2-hydroxybenzoic acid and shake 10) In last tube add one crystal of known pure aspirin and shake 11)To each tube add 2 drops in turn of neutral iron (III) chloride and shake Following this method I got the following results Mass at start was 2.04 Finishing mass was 2.08 Amount of yield: 138 →180 1 →180/138 1 →1.3 2.04 → 2.652 2.08 x 100 = 78.4% 2.652 Organic testing To test for a phenol group Method: Add neutral iron III chloride(if a phenol group is present it will change into purple complex and if theres no purple then the aspirin is pure) Using the following method my result showed a purple complex showing that my aspirin was impure Melting point analysis

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Louis Armstrong: From Childhood To Adulthood Essay -- essays research

Louis Armstrong: From Childhood to Adulthood   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  When you think of Louis Armstrong you probably think of a jolly middle-aged man who can play the cornet like no one else, a man who had it all, a man who had the good life. Well, Louis was not always that lucky. From childhood to his adulthood, Louis Armstrong changed much as a person and a musician. He worked very hard to become what he became and did not let anything get in the way of becoming a musician. In this paper, you will read about how Louis Armstrong became one of the most influential people/musicians of his time.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Louis Armstrong’s childhood was not of the normal childhoods most of us have had. He had a very hard and painful childhood. He was treated very harshly by his family and the people around him. His mother did not even care enough to keep his birth certificate. That is why no one is really sure of Louis’s birthdate ,but people believe he was born around 1898, in New Orleans. Around Louis’s time of birth, many blacks were confined to live in the slums. The slums were in a way like ghettos. They were very poor, dirty areas where people who hadn’t much money would live. In the slums, there was much violence, drug circulation and prostitution. The only people that made any money in the slums were either the hustlers or the musicians. Considering Louis was not related to anyone of that status he and his family had very little money. That left Louis with no possessions whatsoever. He hadn’t any toys to play with, he didn’t even have a simple stick just to keep him occupied. His clothes were at the lowest of the low class. He was confined to wearing a dress as a younger child until he was a little older, then he had hand me down shirts and shorts to wear. His choice of foods was limited to rice and beans. His family did not make enough money to get better food than that. His family did not have enough of anything to keep him happy. He felt like nobody loved him. When he was born his father left his mother and him to start another life with another family. His mother always was out leaving Louis to fend for himself. But before Louis had lived with his mother he lived with his grandmother. His grandma took the best care of him out of anybody in his family. She always made sure that Louis was fed and that he was not alone. She was the only per... ...uch that he could not get his shoes on. Soon after that Louis was ordered to stay at the Beth Israel Hospital under doctor’s orders. After his final concert he returned there for the last time. He was planning another concert when he died July 6, 1971. Louis’s death was deeply saddening for everyone, but especially Lil. She conducted the band at his funeral in his memory. A memorial service followed which President Nixon attended and spoke at. That was the sad ending of Louis Armstrong.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  To conclude my paper I would like to highlight Louis’s life. He was just a poor child from New Orleans. He had very little education. He had to take care of his sister and himself 90% of the day until he was and adult. He had to work twice as hard as most people have to worked to get where he got to. He was just a simple man who from the beginning just wanted to play music. But he got so much more than just that and was able to fulfil his life to the fullest. Louis Armstrong will always be remembered as a wonderful man with a passion for playing the cornet beautifully. At least we have his music, movies and television appearances which keep him a live to this very day.

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Pros and Cons of Drugs

The Pros of Illegal Drugs Many countries along with the United States have laws forbidding the possession, sale, and use of certain drugs ranging everywhere from marijuana to heroin. Though many countries classify these drugs as illegal, I believe certain ones are not as bad as people portray them as. In my mind, the illegal drug cannabis, also known as marijuana should be legalized since it can not only improve the economy but its side effects are not that foreign to other legal drugs. I believe marijuana should be legalized considering its side effects are not too extreme.Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine should not be legalized. These drugs carry strong side effects and are damaging to the body, resulting in damage to the human body. A debatable point on the matter is the money these drugs produce. Some believe that legalizing these certain drugs will in turn help the suffering economy we are now facing. Though this may be true in some aspects, it is an awful idea in others. Yes, legalizing these drugs would bring in a large profit considering how pricy they are, however it also would be very harmful to the people using them.These drugs can be overdosed on very easily, and if so it can result in severe harm or even death. Marijuana on the other hand can also produce a large profit without those severe consequences. Side effects of marijuana are quite minor compared to other illegal drugs. It speeds up the user’s heart rate and causes physical impairment. The worst of its side effects are breathing difficulties and the increase in chances of getting lung cancer. These side effects are exactly the same as those of cigarette consumers.Smoking tobacco cigarettes carries the same side effects plus even more due to the buildup of tar it causes in the lungs and yet the sale and consumption of such a product is still legal. I see the use of marijuana as a combination of the consummation of alcohol and cigarettes at the same time. These side e ffects are not that bad compared to those of more potent drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. The sale of an illegal drug such as marijuana could really boost the already struggling economy.If the government were to contribute to the sale of marijuana by adding a sale tax to it, it could provide the government with much needed money. The legalization of such a drug would create a high supply and demand for the product, which would allow the government to modern its sale and production. It would also provide the economy with more jobs. It would open up more employment for those suffering from the economy’s state considering the product would need to be produced and grown in large amounts.Along with the help the sale of marijuana could produce towards the economy, it would also eliminate the â€Å"forbidden fruit† variable. Young adolescents tend to be drawn into actions that they are forbidden to do. Legalizing marijuana would end that and would in turn e ven keep the use to a minimum for many individuals. There are many pros to legalizing certain illegal drugs within the United States. Legalizing marijuana would help more than it would do harm.Other drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine should not be legalized due to their harmful side effects, even though they would bring in a large profit. Though marijuana would not produce quite as much profit as those more potent drugs, it would still contribute greatly to the economy. It would not only provide the government with money if it was taxed, but it would also contribute to the work force. The high demand for the product if legalized would create jobs for unemployed persons. The legalization of a drug such as this would contribute to the U. S. ’s struggling economy.

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The Killing Lincoln Essay

Mr.. Fallopian Essay Killing Lincoln The novel, Killing Lincoln, and author Bill Reilly have been berated by critics and reviewers due to its historical inaccuracies implanted throughout the read. Many are turned off by the false information given yet there are others who enjoy it because it adds a little kick to the book. Am one of those who believe that even though there are a plethora of errors in the novel, it is an enjoyable read. The novel is an enjoyable and entertaining read, yet there are a vast number ho do not believe so.Killing Lincoln has been banned from one Of the Ford's Theatre bookstores while the others still continue to sell it (Horopito). In my opinion, feel that is a little absurd. Reilly states that there were several meetings held in the oval office before the oval office was even constructed. Yes that is incorrect because it was not constructed until the Taft administration, but it is a minor detail. It does not take away from the bigger picture and importance of why the book was written in the first place.His next mistake was citing that the Ford Theatre was burned in 1 862 instead of 1861. Does one year make that big of a difference to all those historians out there? The peephole in the state box door was carved by Harry Ford, manager of the Ford's Theatre, not Booth but by stating that Booth had carved the peephole, it keeps the readers on their toes and more interested. It spices things up. That's what books are meant to do. Attract and hook readers into the novel. That was Reality's goal.Not to just write another story book, but to write one that could be informational while entertaining at the same time even though that means making the slightest mistakes to keep it entertaining. Reilly has many people attacking him for his errors. Christian Science Monitor's Jackie Hogan ambushes Reilly because she believes that he made Lincoln look like too good of a person instead of speaking the truth about him to make a good story. She says th e book is â€Å"sensationalists, suggestive, and overly simplistic† (Horopito).Oriel's purpose of the book was to write a good story and through extrapolating his novel became more compelling. If he were to include all of the facts about Lincoln, his book would be no different than any other novels on Lincoln, Booth and the assassination. I believe Reilly and Martin Dugan did an excellent job writing this novel. Besides the minor inaccuracies, the novel is a very entertaining and an eye opening read. That was their intention when they first started to write the book and that is, in my opinion, what they did.

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Health Care Essay Example

Health Care Essay Example Health Care Paper Health Care Paper The following essay will discuss the issue of health care for middle-class Americans.   The subject of the essay then will follow how health care is being supplemented in America and how Americans are being treated in an unfair capacity. The essay will present certain facts and figures based of race when dealing with healthcare to allow for a discussion of how Americans are being treated in this profession.   Also, a range of the concept of middle-class American will be brought to the context of the paper such as age, and race within this dynamic and the different aspects of each in regards to health care. As the problems for middle-class Americans and health care arise avenues and choices for the future in health care will be presented so that the prospects of the future of healthcare can be known.   The position of the paper will be one that follows the thesis of health care being a large problem for middle-class Americans and this hypothesis will be based largely on the idea of money and the inequality provided because of lack of money. Health Care Healthcare refers to the analysis, management, and deterrence of illness, disease, injury, and other physical and mental mutilations in human beings. It is delivered by practitioners in nursing, medicine, pharmacy, chiropractic, allied health, dentistry and other care providers. Healthcare covers other aspects as well such as provision of primary, secondary and tertiary care in public and private health. Healthcare forms an important part of a country’s economy, for example, in 2008, health care used a standard of 9.0% of the gross domestic product (GDP) across the most developed countries. The United States, France and Switzerland were the top three spenders in healthcare globally. The activities by health care providers and institutions are regulated by national and provincial authorities for maintaining quality. Medical facilities are locations where health care providers practice their skills and the workload of any facility indicates its size. The workload of a medical facility also dictates the amount of government funding that it will receive. Most governments use measure a medical facility’s workload using the standard whole patient equivalent (SWPE). These measures and other have determined the allocation of funds and other resources to medical facilities (Reid, 2009). Current U.S. health care system The healthcare services in the United States are provided by many separate legal bodies with most of these being controlled and owned by the private sector. However, health insurance is mainly provided by the government and most of the cover and spending programs originating from Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans Health Administration, TRICARE and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. According to the U.S Census Bureau of 2009, over 16.3% of the population was uninsured even though the United States spends more money on health care per capita than any other country by the year 2008. The United States also has the fourth largest public spending per capita after Monaco, Luxemburg and Norway. Medical debt within America has also steadily increased and has contributed towards 46% of personal bankruptcies. This has caused a subsequent increase in health costs as well as the number of uninsured citizens (Hunnicutt, 2010). Strengths of the health system The American health system boasts of one of the best medical research systems globally. Many renowned medical practitioners have graduated from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and the Cleveland Clinic. America also has the most advanced medical equipment and techniques in the world. Employees working within the medical sector also enjoy hefty salaries and other benefits. The proposed American insurance plans are also very comprehensive and beneficial to the people who can afford to pay the regular premiums. The American health care system also provides coverage for the vulnerable groups within society. The government provides insurance for senior citizens and the disabled. Medicaid covers the health needs of low-income individuals (Garber, 2006). Weaknesses of the health system The United States may be the biggest economy in the world, but their health system has been blamed for being unsatisfactory, biased and unaffordable. The recent attempts by the Obama government have been the best efforts at providing healthcare to Americans. The cost of attaining healthcare is one of the first weaknesses of the American health system. Americans pay more for health than any other nation globally. The country is also the only one that does not offer a blanket health program for all its citizens despite allocating vast amounts of public funds to the health sector. The fact that a larger chunk of the health sector is managed by private owners means that they also operate with profits. These firms find ways of denying the citizens through usage of loopholes to avoid paying for the insurance. Private health insurance companies also make profits by increasing the charges on the Americans. The cost of insurance and other medical costs have steadily risen over the last two years. According to the National Coalition on Health Care, the contribution of the average employee to the health insurance has risen over 100% since 2005. The cost of insurance for physicians and hospital visits also increased in the same period. The senators and other federal employees have access to the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program that provides healthcare insurance to them. This means that the government pays their health insurance using the taxpayers’ money while ordinary citizens have to pay it on a personal basis (Buchbinder Shanks, 2007). Future reforms in the American health care system The policymakers’ attempts at reforming the US health care system have made the whole system even more risky and inefficient. Hospitals have been given the legal leeway to charge clients whatever prices they deem fit. Insured people have either the government or the insurance companies fighting on their side and therefore, have an advantage over uninsured people. This has converted the medical scene into a bilateral oligopoly where not everyone pays the same price for medical services. The healthcare system has also increasing depended on drugs as the main treatment method. Doctors have abandoned other forms of treatment such as physical therapy and nutrition and embraced a system of prescribing medicine for all types of ailments. The American health system has also increasingly invested too much human resources and funds on end-of-life care. The future of the health care system relies on proper policymaking and implementation. The new health policy will have drastic economic consequences for the economy. References Buchbinder, S. B., Shanks, N. H. (2007). Introduction to health care management. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Garber, K. M., American Hospital Association. (2006). The U.S. health care delivery system: Fundamental facts, definitions, and statistics. Chicago: Health Forum. Hunnicutt, S. (2010). Universal health care. Detroit: Greenhaven Press. Reid, T. R. (2009). The healing of America: A global quest for better, cheaper, and fairer health care. New York: Penguin Press.

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Rise in Bed Bug Infestations

Rise in Bed Bug Infestations Question: Why Are Bed Bugs Making a Comeback? Answer: For centuries, bed bugs were a common pest wherever humans lived. According to Susan C. Jones, Assistant Professor of Entomology at Ohio State University, bed bugs traveled to North America with the colonists. From the 17th century until World War II, people slept with these bloodthirsty parasites biting them. Just after World War II, strong pesticides like DDT and chlordane came into widespread use. Bed bugs nearly disappeared completely over several decades of heavy pesticide use. Bed bug infestations were limited, and bed bugs were no longer considered a major pest. Eventually, these pesticides were proven harmful to peoples health and the environment. The U.S. banned DDT in 1972 when it was shown to contribute to the decline of birds like the bald eagle. A total ban on chlordane followed in 1988. Peoples attitudes about pesticides also changed. Knowing these chemicals could harm us, we lost our enthusiasm for fumigating every last bug in our homes. The pesticides used in homes today do a better job of targeting specific pest populations. Rather than spray a broad spectrum pesticide in their homes, people use chemical baits and traps to kill common pests, like ants or roaches. Since bed bugs feed only on blood, they arent attracted to these pest control baits. Just as broad spectrum pesticide use waned, cheap air travel allowed people to visit places where bed bugs still persisted. Bed bugs hadnt made headlines in years, and most travelers never considered the possibility of bringing bed bugs home. Stowaway bed bugs in luggage and clothing made their way to cities and towns where they had been eradicated decades ago. Bed bugs now infest numerous public places, where they can crawl onto clothing and hitchhike to your home. Hotels top the list of bed bug hideouts, but they may also be found in theaters, airplanes, subways, trains, buses, prisons, and dormitories. Your best guard against bed bugs is information. Know what they look like, and take appropriate steps to keep them from crossing your threshold.

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Minimal Environmental Degradation Towards Achieving the Laid Goals of Essay

Minimal Environmental Degradation Towards Achieving the Laid Goals of the Firm - Essay Example Environmental impact assessment is a way of ensuring that the projects are analyzed in terms of the impact they have on the environment during the planning stage before they are implemented. This ensures that the negative short term and long term effects are controlled for the sustainability of the environment. It involves analyzing the existing environmental impacts of the situation, this mainly involves checking the positive and negative impacts, then analyze how significant these impacts are and then corrective action is taken to either reduce, avoid or mitigate these impacts. An organization should seek advice from the relevant authorities on the requirements by the environmental assessment impacts formally before undertaking any development project. The Kenya Airways privatized corporation offering air transport in Kenya and the world at large, besides providing air transport for its clients it also provides transport for its workers to and from work. The firm has been in operat ion for several decades that is since 1979. Several environmental impacts resulted from the activities of the business. There are direct impacts and indirect impacts. These impacts have led had positive and negative impacts on the environment. The direct impacts are; There was displacement of the wildlife on the area airport was constructed, more so some wild animals which were relocated have become extinct due to change of their natural habitat. Some people. The plants and vegetation which was cleared to create space for the runways have increased the rate of desertification.

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Work place diversity Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Work place diversity - Research Paper Example Consequently, to become more open to change and innovative, all organizations require diversity. Capitalizing and maximizing on diversity in the workplace has become a significant subject for today’s management (Kelli, et al., 2012). This paper delves into workplace diversity, its importance in creating a productive and healthy work environment, as well as policies and actions for improving the situation. Introduction Workplace diversity is an issue concerning people, which concentrates on the similarities and variations that individuals bring to their place of work. Esty and co-authors (1995) define diversity as recognizing, appreciating, valuing, accepting, and celebrating disparities among individuals with regard to gender, ethnicity, age, mental and physical ability, class, sexual orientation, race, public assistance status, and spiritual practice. Apparently, the broad definition of workplace diversity goes beyond those aspects that are legally stated in affirmative actio n non-discrimination as well as equal opportunity bills. The interpretation of diversity normally incorporates aspects that affect the perspectives and identities that individuals bring for instance geographic location education, profession, and parental status. Diversity as a concept is deemed to include everybody. More often than not, diversity initiatives match non-discrimination conformity programs through the formation of the organizational culture and workplace environment for making disparities work. Diversity is all about the creation of workplace practices and environments that promote learning from other people and capturing the benefit of varied perspectives, it is about respect and dignity for all, and about learning from other individuals who are not the same (Woods, Bormann & Joseph, 2010). Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace Workplace diversity is not only beneficial to employers but it is also beneficial to associates. Even though workplace associates are co-depen dent, respecting differences among persons can boost productivity. Workplace diversity places an organization at a competitive advantage in several ways. To start with, it ensures the retention of business. Esty and co-authors (1995) explain that a good number of organizations tend to be keen on the demographics of institutions/companies with which they do business. Municipal governments and federal agencies particularly have taken the lead in declining prospective clients and suppliers who fail to demonstrate a clear commitment to diversity. A good example is one of the Midwestern cities that declined to purchase computer equipment from a high-tech company whose entire sales team was white. Workplace diversity also brings about increased productivity. As Mor (2006) explains, this is attributable to job satisfaction, which is true in the sense that in such a work place, people feel valued, respected and included, which helps them to stop acting like outsiders thus making productivit y go up. Another competitive advantage of well-managed workplace diversity is increased marketing capabilities. A group of diverse employees is capable of providing insight into the establishment of a wide range of customers. Attracting new customers makes a critical difference between going out of business and survival of a business. Moreover, as markets become more and more differentiated, smaller market segments are imperative (Esty, et al., 1995). A diverse workplace also builds the largest possible pool of talent for recruitment. This is more important especially with the present-time’s increased competition that calls for every organization to hire

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Fair And Equitable Treatment Of Organizational Stakeholders Essay

Fair And Equitable Treatment Of Organizational Stakeholders - Essay Example It continues by indentifying various performance criteria including those which focus on financial performance and those associated with the concept of a ‘triple bottom line’. To assist in reaching conclusions about the merits of competing views, the paper analyses the various drivers including the competitive environment, corporate governance, agency theory and sustainability. An approach that was prompted by the views of D’Aveni,(1994) that fair and equitable stakeholder engagement has always played an important role within corporate governance and is important for the success of an organisation especially within highly competitive markets. Stakeholders In any organization there are a number of stakeholder groups as represented by the traditional form of the stakeholder model (Figure 1). Each of these groups may have different views about how the organisation should behave (Palmer and Hartley, 2011, p178); employees, for example, may feel unfairly treated if they are not rewarded adequately or are not given the right working conditions. Supply chain associates expect organizations to honour their contracts whist government is increasingly expecting business organizations to take over many responsibilities from the public sector such as in the payment of sickness, maternity and other benefits (Palmer and Hartley, 2011, p182). ... They expect the firm’s management to meet their expectations and take care of their needs, and allow them to take part in various decision-making activities that can influence the interests that are at risk (Ulmer, 2001). Consumers buy products that bring in revenues for the corporation and, which can be used for developing new items and services as well as in adding quality to existing products (Cohen and Prusak, 2001). Thus, the consumers possess a legal and reasonable interest in the quality of the products and services being provided by a firm and in the nature of the information provided such as the potential harmful effects of products like alcohol or cigarettes. They expect the firm to adopt a more consumer friendly and quality oriented approach on the basis that it will encourage them to buy more goods and services which in turn helps to improve the performance of the organisation. Suppliers are important to any business as they provide raw materials and other inputs w hich the firm requires to produce its goods and/or services. Therefore, the firms are clients of, and hence in a relationship with the supplier. The latter has its money at risk, for example it may be invested in raw materials (Cohen and Prusak, 2001). This is of special importance to minor suppliers which are dependent on large corporations, especially if they are their chief or even only client. In such cases of high dependencies, these small suppliers tend to focus on improving the quality of products delivered to the large firms, which further increases the level of dependency on their clients. Here the suppliers seek to bargain for a more close relationship with the client-firms, and not be

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Romeos cousin Essay Example for Free

Romeos cousin Essay In the ending of the prologue, violent scenes are rapidly shown. During one of the clips, a helicopter flies over Verona giving us very quick views of the city below. This creates a shaky image of the city. The audience experience a feeling of being on board the helicopter looking down. As the montage progresses to the end, the operatic music playing in the background becomes louder until it reaches a climax. Baz Luhrmann has compressed many section of the film in a short space of time. In one of the clips, we also see a little choirboy singing, and then a shot of Juliet as she unveils, dressed in white wedding dress in a church. This little boy signifies innocence and the church suggest religious setting as well as the little boy. The noisy, riotous gunfire creates a picture of a city in chaos. Police officers armed with guns and fire around the area gives us the impression that Verona is not safe and there is a lot of violence. The fire symbolises anger and hatred, a theme that runs through the Romeo and Juliet play. In one of the scenes, as the choirboy opens his mouth to sing, a clip of someone shooting a gun is shown. Baz Luhrmann puts these images together to create a feeling of the choirboy being shot. As the prologue ends there is a large cross icon in red with white stripes, which becomes smaller and the text Romeo and Juliet is shown. The cross replaces the word and in the text. The red colour of the cross symbolises death. Baz Luhrmann has made the prologue exciting by the use of the images, sounds and editing techniques. The images in the prologue are like a trailer of what will happen in the film. (Baz Luhrmann knows that teenagers have a short attention span, so he sets the pace of the prologue at a high speed with excitement. This is another way he gets the appeal of the younger audience). After the prologue has finished Baz Luhrmann uses a range of camera shots to draw the attention of the audience and to get the audience involved. The most effective of all the shots are the point of view and extreme close up shots. Baz Luhrmann uses the extreme close up shot when he is showing the family arms on the guns, he uses this type of shot because with the extreme close up you could see the difference between the two arms, the Capulets arm is gold, red and black where as the Montagues arm is silver, blue and black these colour differences represent the differences in the families. He also uses the extreme close up when he shows Tyblots (Juliets cousin) and Benvolios (Romeos cousin) eyes usually this is used when there is a shootout about to happen therefore Baz Luhrmann is foreshowing that there is going to be a shootout which does happen, furthermore he uses this shot to show the expressions on their faces Tybolt looks confident but Benvolio looks shaken. To get the audience involved with the movie he uses the point of view shot. It is used when two of the Montague boys try to escape the shootout and Tyblot sees them and takes aim, as Tyblot is taking aim it seems like we are taking aim. Finally, Baz Luhrmann also uses the zoom in shot to show how he has transformed the movie, sword in to guns, he does this by zooming in to Benvolios guns as he aiming for Abra and the printing on hes gun says Sword 9 mm Series S. The director doesnt only use the colours of the family arms to shows the difference in the families, he also uses costumes. As the prologue ends it shows the Montague boys in the car, the boys are all wearing Hawaiian shirts which are undone, (this relates with young boys lives) the Hawaiian shirts represent fun and shows that the Monatuges are lively and immature. When the Montague boys get to the fuel station minutes later the Capulets come, the Capultes are wearing black suits this shows that they are serious and mature. This shows that Baz Luhrmann makes the Montagues immature and lively but does the opposite for the Capulets, mature and serious. In conclusion, Baz Luhrmann has made a mind-blowing, hair gripping, exciting movie and has transformed every part of this play in to a movie, except one the concept of marriage. He had changed swords to guns, the Prince to a cop. It was acceptable for people to get married at a young age in Shakespeares time, because of the low life expectancy. But since we have high life expectancy we intend to get married between the ages of 20-40 years old, yet Baz Luhrmann fails to show this. Baz Luhrmann also fails to appeal to a wider audience since his main target audience is teenagers.

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Womens Identity in the Early 1900s Essay examples -- Women Studies,

Ibsen wrote this play in 1879. It is a three-act play with prose dialogue. The play takes place in the 19th century in Europe. It is a play about a woman, who struggles to find her own identity. The main point is women need treated as humans and not dolls. Women need to know their place and that they have rights. They also have duties as a wife and mother. As a wife, they need to be trustworthy and as a mother, they need to be role models. As do husbands need to respect their wife and know that, they have their own opinions and titled to them. Women cannot be good wives and role models to their children, if they do not know who they are and what their roles are in life. Ibsen uses the symbolism in his setting to show various aspects of Nora's character and reveal the theme of women's identity in the early 1900's. Symbolism, is used before the play even begins. The title A Doll's House is a symbol of tendencies for characters to play roles. The setting is in Helmers' apartment; the set is set up to furnish the thought it is his home and not hers (obj. 3). Nora returns with a Christmas tree setting the mood for the play (obj. 3). She also brings presents for the children. The presents signify pushing roles onto the children (obj. 3). Helmer proceeds to call Nora his "little lark" and "little squirrel" (pg. 1559). She answers "yes" (pg. 1559) right away leaving the impression that she is inferior compared to Helmer. He treats her in a demeaning way that she tolerates because she really knows no different. This also sets the tone that Helmer is superior over Nora throughout the play (obj. 3). He shows us his superiority over her with the macaroons that he forbids her to have. Yet she has them anyway and hide... ...he image of man; therefore, women have the same capabilities as do men (obj. 1). Every human being in life is equal and needs treated with respect and dignity (obj. 1). Ibsen is aware that women need to know who they are in order to be productive in society. He does a good job of bringing out the overall theme in A Doll's House of women's identity (obj. 2). In the theme, we are able to see his view of women and their need to be independent. Ibsen used symbolism to define the characters and the role of women's identity in society. This is not a typical structure of a home in 19th century, which left the ending causing immense controversies. Ibsen was taking a stand when he wrote this play (obj. 1). In the way, he wrote the play using Nora as the protagonist and Torvald as the antagonist, made this one of the best-constructed plays of the 19th century. Women's Identity in the Early 1900's Essay examples -- Women Studies, Ibsen wrote this play in 1879. It is a three-act play with prose dialogue. The play takes place in the 19th century in Europe. It is a play about a woman, who struggles to find her own identity. The main point is women need treated as humans and not dolls. Women need to know their place and that they have rights. They also have duties as a wife and mother. As a wife, they need to be trustworthy and as a mother, they need to be role models. As do husbands need to respect their wife and know that, they have their own opinions and titled to them. Women cannot be good wives and role models to their children, if they do not know who they are and what their roles are in life. Ibsen uses the symbolism in his setting to show various aspects of Nora's character and reveal the theme of women's identity in the early 1900's. Symbolism, is used before the play even begins. The title A Doll's House is a symbol of tendencies for characters to play roles. The setting is in Helmers' apartment; the set is set up to furnish the thought it is his home and not hers (obj. 3). Nora returns with a Christmas tree setting the mood for the play (obj. 3). She also brings presents for the children. The presents signify pushing roles onto the children (obj. 3). Helmer proceeds to call Nora his "little lark" and "little squirrel" (pg. 1559). She answers "yes" (pg. 1559) right away leaving the impression that she is inferior compared to Helmer. He treats her in a demeaning way that she tolerates because she really knows no different. This also sets the tone that Helmer is superior over Nora throughout the play (obj. 3). He shows us his superiority over her with the macaroons that he forbids her to have. Yet she has them anyway and hide... ...he image of man; therefore, women have the same capabilities as do men (obj. 1). Every human being in life is equal and needs treated with respect and dignity (obj. 1). Ibsen is aware that women need to know who they are in order to be productive in society. He does a good job of bringing out the overall theme in A Doll's House of women's identity (obj. 2). In the theme, we are able to see his view of women and their need to be independent. Ibsen used symbolism to define the characters and the role of women's identity in society. This is not a typical structure of a home in 19th century, which left the ending causing immense controversies. Ibsen was taking a stand when he wrote this play (obj. 1). In the way, he wrote the play using Nora as the protagonist and Torvald as the antagonist, made this one of the best-constructed plays of the 19th century.

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Arnica: Water and Bottle Essay

Method: Pour 100ml Olive oil into a bottle and mix it with 20ml Arnica Q. Shake the bottle and the Arnica will form an emulsion with the Olive Oil. Wet the finger tips with the emulsion and part your hair and apply the oil on the roots of the hair and spend some time in massaging it into the scalp which should show an oily shine. This is done daily for best results after a shower. Make a Wet dose of Arnica 30 as follows: Order Arnica 30c in a 5ml in the Liquid Dilution in Ethanol in a bottle with a dropper arrangement. Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket. Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace. Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you take a capfull which is a dose twice daily. This is best taken first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done every time before a capful of the bottle is sipped as directed. Take a capsule of the Fish Liver Oil daily. Avoid harsh shampoos. Use Johnsons Baby Shampoo instead. Avoid Coffee, preserved meats like sausages, ham and bacon, and all canned cola beverages as they antidote the therapy. Drink plenty of water and exercise daily for at least 45 minutes like walking or jogging depending on your age. The idea is to sweat it out. This is essential to promote the circulation of blood in the body which Arnica will help to promote. Patients who suffered from severe hair loss who were losing over 200 hairs daily have confirmed that they discovered in about a week that the loss of their hair had been arrested. They also noticed that the new growth was plainly visible above their scalp when their hair was parted in about 6 weeks. In my case I still have a good head of grey hair at age 82 although it has thinned down to about half the hair I had 40 years ago.

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Review of “Roses” by Kanye West

Student Project Presentation In 2005 Kanye West released â€Å"Roses† on his second studio album titled â€Å"Late Registration. † Though the composition is classified as hip-hop, it delves into many other genres and niches as it encompasses a wide-ranging mix of blues, rock, R&B, and many others. The extensive collaboration between West and film score producer Jon Brion during the making of the album resulted in a very unique orchestral-like sound thanks to the hiring of a full string section during production.The entirety of the album could be considered a breakthrough as it redefined the genre and what typical hip-hop was expected to sound like by juxtaposing heavy hip-hop beats with orchestral strings. It is this contributing factor that makes it so difficult to compare his musical style to that of any other artists. Although I thoroughly enjoy â€Å"Late Registration† as a whole, â€Å"Roses† is my favorite composition due to the lyrical substance and the manner in which West chose to express his story.West composed the piece entirely himself, a deeply moving story where he recounts his emotions and those of his family as his grandmother lay ill due to heart complications and his views of the healthcare system. Although he did not write out his lyrics at the time, this did not hinder the meaning of the composition in any way as his passion and conviction are still evident in the tonality of his voice and heart felt words as he ever so clearly conveys his story to the listener.The Grammys classifies the composition under its rap category. In 2006 â€Å"Late Registration† was nominated for five Grammys of which it won three for best rap song, best rap solo performance, and best rap album. In my opinion the category suits the composition because though it is not typical, it still is rap. I believe that this song should be a part of our course because of its element of improvisation, which is one of the cornerstones of Jazz.A s I mentioned before, West did not write down any of his lyrics for the composition, or for any of his first four studio albums for that matter, it was all improvised from his head straight to the recording, similar to the bass improvisations of the great Charles Mingus. It can be said that the compositions does have a rhythm section, yet it is not one composed of human players. Instead what you hear is an eclectic mix of synthesized instrument clips compiled into a beat.In the composition West raps over piano and a slow rhythm with the chorus then bringing in trumpet riffs, electric guitar, and vocal sample from Curtis Mayfield’s composition â€Å"Rosie. † So all in all, I am happy to have been able to elaborate on this composition and shined some light on many details and elements that may have been overlooked or just not known by you guys, the listeners. I could only hope that you enjoyed the music as much as I did and am glad to have been able speak to you about a composition that I really admire.

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4 Super Fast Ways of Writing a Book Review

4 Super Fast Ways of Writing a Book Review 4 Super Fast Ways of Writing a Book Review If you search for writing book review  in Google, you will undoubtedly find tons of materials on how to write a book review competently. However, do you know how to write one quickly, especially if you have a fast-approaching deadline? Most articles on book reviews don’t discuss thisand if they do, it is not in length. Here are four ways to write book reviews speedily: Don’t wait to write stuff down while reading your book. Have note cards handy at all times while reading the book, and note important facts, ideas, passages, and your own interpretations down. Organize your notes properly in either alphabetical order or by category. As soon as something strikes you about the book, write it down. Most likely, you will forget what struck you if you wait to write it down. Our attention spans are not that long. Create a format for the review that is a standard for you. It is kind of like a fill-in sheet that you can use to keep you on track. This makes the process of drafting smoother and more organized. Before reading the book, create an outline of the format that you want your reviews to be in. Try to keep to this format as much as you can, but if you feel leeway should be given, then you can break your rules at times. If you are confused about how to format a review, usually reviews begin with introductory information about the book, move onto to giving a summary of the book, and then analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the book in terms of its style, pace, voice, and other characteristics of storytelling. Do automatic writing. Let your inner editor be silent and let the words rip! When writing, write fast without looking back. Remember: you have time to edit later. The first draft is done to get your ideas down according to your pre-designed format. The finer points come later. A good practice is to set a timer. Usually 5 minutes of free writing, taking a break, and doing 5 minutes of free writing again does the trick. Don’t care that your writing sounds crazy, off, inappropriate, or whimsical. No will see this draft besides you. Like Hemingway said, â€Å"Write drunk, edit sober.† You don’t have to drink alcohol to be drunk. Simply write without inner your editor and you are â€Å"drunk† on writing. If you hit a block and can’t seem to get through the review, move onto doing another review. There is no harm in doing two reviews simultaneously. It is better than sitting and doing nothing, being frustrated at yourself and the book you have to review. You can also take a short walk outside or watch a comedy video for 5 minutes. Usually these two things refresh us and make us feel like we can do our work again. Besides these 4 hints, you can always make some coffee, eat some chocolate, or drink some strong tea, and your work will be faster. Having a comfortable space to write that is quiet is also beneficial. At writing company you can get professional book review help from top-rated academic experts. Just fill in the order form online!

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Childrens ESL Lesson Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Children's ESL Lesson Old MacDonald Had a Farm Level: Beginner (children)Focus: Vocabulary Note: This work was prepared to take advantage of all the potential of a song like â€Å"Old MacDonald Had a Farm† may offer to work with different kind of animals. The methodology used permits any teacher to adapt the matter according to their necessities. Grade Level: Young ChildrenSong: â€Å"Old Mac Donald Had a Farm†Lyric: Old MacDonald Had a Farm Traditional Old MacDonald had a farmEe-yi-ee-i-ohAnd on this farm there was a dogEe-yi-ee-i-ohWith a woof woof hereAnd a woof woof thereHere a woofThere a woofEverywhere a woof woofOld MacDonald had a farmEe-yi-ee-i-oh†¦. 2nd verse: cat/meow Optional from 3 to 6: 3rd verse: horse/neigh4th verse: duck/quack5th verse: cow /moo6th verse: pig/oink Objectives Make the students have fun making sounds.Children should have an active part in singing, making his or her animal sounds.The children will also learn to work with each other by presenting their piece in the song. Materials Needed to Teach the Lesson The songbook and tape of â€Å"Old Mac Donald Had a Farm.†The pictures of the animals of the song that contain the sound that each animal reproduces.Sheets of paper that children will use to match animals and the sound they make. They must have some pictures.Sheets of paper that contain the lyrics of â€Å"Old MacDonald Had A Farm† but the lyrics should have some blanks to be completed by each child. They should include some pictures. Teaching Procedure I. Preparing the Class: Choose animals the children know or pre-teach the animals for the song – ducks, pigs, horses, sheep etc.Make pictures of each animal for all children in the class. These pictures should have written the sound that the animals produce.Prepare sheets of paper to match animals and their sounds II. Introduction to the Lesson: Create a classroom mural titled What We Know About Farms.†Set up a farm display area to generate interest in the new classroom theme (might include straw hats, overalls, farm toys and of course animals).Hand out the pictures of each animal to all children in the class. Check that they know the English word for their animals.Make the children think about their favorite animal that lives on a farm.Make the student listen to the recording of â€Å"Old MacDonald Had A Farm†, and think about what animal from the song they want to be. (Then, they will be asked to participate according to the choice they made). III. Step by step Procedures for Teaching the Focus Concepts: Listen to the recording of the song line by line; Old MacDonald Had a Farm and ask children to join you according to the animal they have selected. If it is necessary, stop the song line by line until they get the idea.Sing the song together with the accompaniment provided on tape. Remember children may learn very easily by using echoic memory.Promote mimics, gestures, etc. associated with  the meaning to make children play a participative role freely. Remember children have energy and want to make noise. Songs will channel these natural inclinations positively. IV. Closure and Review of the Lesson: Divide up the children into their animal groups to sing Old MacDonald Had A Farm song without the accompaniment of the tape. Assessing Understanding of the Concept Taught Make the children sing in a cappella with their farm animal group. In this way, you will listen more closely to discover if the children are pronouncing correctly the most important words of the song such as the name of the animals and the sounds they produce.Hand out the sheets of paper that have the lyrics with some blanks.Finally, as an option, children may use a paper to match animal sounds to the correct farm animals at class or home. This lesson has kindly been provided by Ronald Osorio.

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5 steps to make sure your company is diverse and inclusive

5 steps to make sure your company is diverse and inclusive Diversity and inclusivity are major buzz words these days, but for good reason. Culturally, it means embracing differences and understanding that life experience is shared, but varied. Professionally, a diverse employee base can help your organization stay agile and productive, rather than stagnate with the same old ideas and viewpoints.Let’s look at five steps you can take to enrich your diversity hiring initiatives.1. Reconsider what â€Å"diversity† and â€Å"inclusivity† mean to your organization.We all know the textbook definition of diversity pretty well by now- people from a broad range of cultural, gender, or religious backgrounds. But if you’re looking to truly up your diversity factor, it’s time to broaden that definition and think about what it means for your company. Consider other types of diversity: different educational backgrounds, different experience levels, different physical abilities, etc. Hiring for diversity and inclusivity ma y not mean much in the long run if you end up hiring people who technically tick the diversity box because they are in particular racial or ethnic groups, but are in the same educational or experience mold as everyone else in the company. Think about how you can really diversify the perspectives and skill sets in your employee pool.2. Use a committee approach.How do you get more diverse voices in your organization? Start by allowing more diverse voices to help make the decisions. Opening up the process to a committee, instead of putting it all on one person or department, can really help enhance your diversity strategy. If you include team members from various departments or parts of the company, you’re also adding a level of perspective diversity as well. Your committee may also bring fresh ideas about where to look for different kinds of talent, helping you move outside the standard job ad.3. Commit to the process.It’s one thing to say, â€Å"yeah, it’s our s trategy to hire for diversity,† but it’s another to carve out the time and resources to do that, given that both are at such a premium. If you’re prioritizing diverse and inclusive hiring, you need to commit extra time to seek out alternative hiring and marketing methods to recruit that diverse talent. This may mean stepping outside your comfort zone to place ads or do outreach to non-mainstream job boards or resources.hbspt.cta.load(2785852, '9e52c197-5b5b-45e6-af34-d56403f973c5', {});4. Eliminate as much hiring bias as possible.Just about all of us think that bias is something other people do, and that we never would discriminate against someone for non-professional reasons. But the unfortunate reality is that as, you know, humans, we’re susceptible to all kinds of unconscious biases. Acknowledging that and taking steps to overcome any temptation of bias is the key to any strategic hiring initiative. Studies have found that blind hiring (or eliminating p articular personal details from the hiring process) results in significantly more diverse hires.AI programs can do this at the initial application stage by screening incoming candidates without regard for things like name (which can trigger cultural or gender bias), geographic location, age, or school name. This is also a place where having a committee, or multiple people weighing in during the hiring process, can help, as it creates an open system of checks and balances to limit certain biases- whether they’re conscious or unconscious.5. Broaden your job descriptions.Is everything in your job description an absolute must for the position? If a candidate has two fewer years of experience than the ad calls for, but has other skills, would you consider hiring that person? If someone didn’t have a full B.A., but instead had years of experience doing pretty much the same work, would you consider hiring that person? Your job ads could be turning away qualified applicants fr om the start and you’d never know. Yes, you’ll want to make sure that the ads are reflective of what the position actually demands. But if there are elements that aren’t hard-and-fast requirements, consider leaving them out or making it clear that they’re flexible.A more diverse and inclusive organization tends to be a more productive one, but it also leads to higher employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. Putting time and resources against this priority and making sure that it’s a solid part of your organizational strategy moving forward will better prepare your company for the needs (and workforce) of the future.